Consumer loan for postal workers


Postal workers have their own consumer loan offer, a credit to finance everyday projects, home equipment or even the purchase of a vehicle.

Postal workers: credit offers

Postal workers: credit offers

Several professions in the country can boast of benefiting from attractive credit conditions, like the private professions, this is particularly the case for agents, civil servants or even postal workers. Letter carriers and postal workers have a privileged status with regard to banks, which agree to offer them attractive borrowing conditions, in terms of rates, durations and amounts. Consumer loans are part of the financial “top products” put forward for postal workers. In addition, postal workers can often access preferential financing solutions through internal advantages, they are often consumer loans intended to help postal workers in their installation, in the layout of their accommodation or their need. mobility through a car loan.

Postal workers are therefore welcomed by banks and can claim to obtain attractive conditions in order to finance their personal projects, it is also useful to distinguish the affected loan from the personal loan. The consumer credit by assignment is a loan used in the cade of works or the purchase of a car, the sums must be justified to obtain the funds. The personal loan is intended for a project defined by the postman, that is to say that he has a credit envelope to use as he sees fit and without having to justify the use, this avoids therefore providing quotes or purchase orders at the time of the loan process.

Postman’s personal loan


The personal credit offer is perfectly suited to short-term financing needs, as part of consumer support or to acquire a good or a service. The idea being for banks to grant postal workers and postal agents credits without supporting documents, making it possible to obtain funds quickly. These offers are based on a fixed rate, a relatively short duration and generally do not exceed several tens of thousands of dollars. To be more precise, the maximum amount of a personal loan is 75,000 dollars, the duration is at most 84 months, which corresponds to 7 years, conditions governed by legislation on consumer credit.

In order to save time in the process and especially to be able to compare the various consumer loan proposals for postal workers, it is strongly recommended to simulate an online credit offer in order to be informed of current loan conditions and above all to be able to obtain funding proposals. After a few forms, postal workers can compare and select the most interesting offers to finance their personal project. Note that the online simulation is offered without commitment and free of charge.

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